Memory of Thuy Trang

Memory of Thuy Trang

(December 14th of 1973 > September 3rd 2001)
Thuy Trang was born on December 14th of 1973 in Saigon, Vietnam. After the fall of Saigon in 1975 to Communist forces, her father who had fought in the Vietnam War, traveled to America to seek political asylum. However his entire family, unable to follow were left behind.

In 1979 Thuy and her family boarded a cargo ship with other refugee's to travel to America. However first they sailed to a detention camp in Hong Kong.

The family was finally reunited in California, America in 1980. However her father died from cancer a couple of years later.

Thuy graduated from Banning high school and earned a scholarship to study civil engineering at UC Irvine.

In 1992 Thuy got interested in acting and in 1993 got her first big break when she landed the role of Trini Kwan on the original cast of the hit TV series, "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers" (1993). In 1994 Thuy left the show to pursue other projects.

After appearing in a video documentary called the Encyclopaedia Of Martial Arts (1995)_, as an interviewee and a cameo as a masseuse in Spy Hard (1996), Thuy got her next large role as Kali in The Crow: City of Angels (1996), sequel to The Crow (1994).

Tragically, on September 3rd 2001, Thuy was a passenger in a car traveling on the I-5 which suddenly went out of control. The resulting accident was fatal for her.

She leaves behind only a small body of work but through them she made an impact on many.

Thuy Trang will be missed by many of her friends & Fans.

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